Infinite Icosahedron
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SCP-4137 viewed from outside.

Item #: SCP-4137

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4137 is contained in a standard 'Safe' item storage locker, any personnel with level 3 security clearance or lower without supervision from personnel with level 4 security clearance or higher is not to be allowed in SCP-4137's storage locker.

Description: SCP-4137 is a hollow icosahedron standing on its point with edge lengths of 101cm. SCP-4137 is made of what appears to be steel and 100cm long fluorescent lamps with no known power source. The icosahedron is viewed to be infinitely larger in the interior than the exterior and is entirely consisted of thousands of scaffolds. Once entering SCP-4137 the area of entrance will no longer lead to the outside but instead to scaffolding, leaving the item that entered unable to leave. If the subject enters SCP-4137 backwards looking at the area of entrance then it will not disappear unless the subject obstructs the view of the exit. Once the exit is blocked, the subject can still be seen from the outside, onlookers have reported inability to enter SCP-4137 whilst there is a subject inside looking towards the onlooker.

The only known corridor type path inside SCP-4137.

Addendum: Testing log for SCP-4137

  • Test One, 9/10/2018. Female subject fitted with altitude sensor, body camera and a radio transmitter enters SCP-4137 without looking backwards, the subject explores downwards 647m for 23 minutes before slipping, falling 26 metres and expiring. No other anomalies were discovered.
  • Test Two, 10/10/2018. Male subject fitted with altitude sensor, body camera and radio transmitter enters SCP-4137 while looking backwards and then is instructed to turn away from the area of entrance. The subject explores upwards 3.6km until expressing extreme exhaustion and rests for 10 minutes. The subject is instructed to keep going up but clarifies that he doesn't know where up is anymore, the subject starts moving in a random direction while the altitude sensor is not registering any change. Subjects camera and communication system are now out of reach. No other anomalies were discovered. It is unknown if he is still alive. The amount of time has surpassed the survivable limit. The subject is classified as expired.
  • Test Three, 11/10/2018. The male subject is fitted with an altitude sensor, body camera, a long distance radio transmitter and a backpack containing a hammock and 6 days worth of water and food. Summary: Subject travelled 34km downwards before expiring caused by dehydration. No other anomalies were discovered. Biological testing discontinued.
  • Test Four, 12/10/2018. A high capacity battery operated camera with an altitude sensor and a shock & fall resistant casing was sent into 4137. Camera stopped transmitting video after 50km. No other anomalies were discovered.
  • Test Five, 14/11/2018. A camera attached to a "selfie stick" is sent into SCP-4137 and removed multiple times, after entering one more time the camera is rotated to no longer face the area of entrance. After this, the camera can no longer be rotated or retrieved, but only inserted more, footage lost.

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